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The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts, 2008-2009.

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Plumper Cove - Canoeing 13 photos
The 31st and 21st Capilano paddled from Langdale to Plumper Cove for their canoe camp.  
The View
Brian's Woodbadge II at Byng 8 photos
The second weekend of Woodbadge II training included some practical in-the-field work at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast.  
Extending the Boardwalk
Trail Maintenance at Inter-River Park 5 photos
The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts did some trail maintenance near Inter-River Park.  
X-Country Skiing at Cyrpus Mountain 13 photos
The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts went cross country skiing at Cyprus Mountain.  
Winter Camp at Shadow Lake 14 photos
The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts went to Shadow Lake for their winter camp.  
Bike Camp at Alice Lake 22 photos
The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts brought their bikes to Alice lake.  
Heading to the Trail
Nite Hike at UBC 20 photos
The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts teamed up with the 1st West Van on the Nite Hike at UBC.  
Camporee at Camp Byng 31 photos
The Camporee is our annual Area Camp organised by the 3rd West Vancouver Troop.  
Lightweight Camp at Cheakamus Lake 15 photos
The lightweight camp, where we have to minimise on everything as we'll be carrying it all on our backs to and from the camp site.  
Trail Maintenance at Interriver 6 photos
We help maintain the local trails, building boardwalks where rainwater collects and clearing or cluttering areas where we do/don't want hikers to travel.  
White Water Rafting at Paradise Valley 19 photos
The final camp of the year where we take on our new Scubs (Cubs... almost Scouts) and show them what they've got in store for next year.