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The 31st and 21st Capilano Scouts, 2009-2010.

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Canoeing at Widgeon Creek 40 photos
We canoe up Widgeon Creek to the camp site... far out in the wild!  
Lynn Creek Trail
Lynn Valley Hike 1 photo
A day hike through some of the Lynn Valley trails  
Vancouver Olympics 3 photos
We visited downtown Vancouver on February 17 and 24 to see what all the fuss was about.  
Shadow Lake Winter Camp 38 photos
The Whistler Scout group let us camp on their grounds at Shadow Lake.  
Science World Sleepover 13 photos
We visited Vancouver's Science World on the Saturday afternoon and stayed 'till Sunday morning.  
Bunny Camp 18 photos
Our fabled Bunny Camp, just across the road from the Shannon Falls on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.  
Nite Hike 14 photos
The Nite Hike... How late do you think you can stay up?  
Camporee at Camp Byng 50 photos
The Camporee is our annual Area Camp organised by the 3rd West Vancouver Troop.